About Us


FG Global is a leading clothing and apparel company which serves clients from all around the world. We specialize in the customization of apparel such as round-neck shirts, polo t-shirts, jackets, windbreakers, pants and many more. Due to its strong manufacturing and sourcing base in China, FG Global is able to customize these apparel to be made exactly as per customers’ requirements, regardless of colour or design.

FG Global has a large variety of available materials for its apparel, all of which are extensively sourced and hand-picked from a large pool of suppliers. Only the materials with the best texture and quality make the cut. Despite its emphasis on quality, due to the high degree of specialization and the many years of experience in the industry, FG Global is able to offer its products at competitive prices and is able to refrain from imposing a minimum order quantity upon its customers. No order is too small or too big for FG Global, which has serviced many government and corporate clients over its extensive history of operation.

FG Global also operates hand-in-hand with its sister company, FG Concepts, to serve the other needs of its clients in the area of corporate gifts. FG Concept’s strengths lie in its customization of corporate gifts such as drinkware, soft toys, leather-bound notebooks and stationery, amongst others. Tapping on the strengths and expertise of its sister company, FG Global is able to provide an even more comprehensive service to its clients, providing them not solely with apparel but also with the large variety of high quality corporate gifts that it is able to access.